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Written & Produced by Preston Glass
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI)
LeadVocals: Jacnique Nina
Backing Vocals: Gemia Burns
All instruments: Preston Glass


Work my fingers to the bone
10 hours straight, for chicken-feed pay,
And I can’t wait to hurry home
‘Cause it’s been a long, hard day…….

But when we turn out the light, and close the door
Here’s what we’ve been waiting for.......

Midnight maneuvers
Makes it all worthwhile,
Just you and me, wrapped in ecstacy.....
The world may be sleep, be we’ve dove in deep….(into)
Midnight maneuvers
In slow motion style,
Makin’ love last, let’s not go too fast
Here’s where we belong, until break of dawn.....

Always somethin’ stressin’ me
From day to day, from strangers to friends,
And I can’t seem to go one week
Without somebody trippin’ again.......

But, when we meet up, it’s time to unwind
11:58….59…..(“here we go, baby”).......


(Modulation/CHORUS) Repeat OUT